Peritus Give Back

PERITUS is proud to partner with the nonprofit Depression2Extinction and their flag-ship program: HEAL Kids.
Recently partnered with Dr. Oz’s Foundation, HealthCorps, d2e is brining Emotional Awareness Training to teens and young adults across Ameri-ca.

We are committed to doing out part to ensure that no teen or young adult is left behind, without the tools necessary to navigate these challenging times. We donate a portion of our Net Profit to support the HEAL Kids Program. This unique program offers MUCH needed support to our future Presi-dents…Architects…Doctors…Lawyers…Electricians…
Teachers…First Respond-ers…Military Troops…and we remain committed to helping END the STIGMA!

When you choose PERITUS as your construction partner, you are also supporting Emotional Awareness Training for teens and young adults in a Strategic Partnership to END the STIGMA surrounding Mental Health.

“3.1 Million adolescents ages 12-17 had at least 1 depressive episode last year.

In a recent study conducted by Mental Health America, “over 50% of teenagers screened between the ages of 11-17 often think about suicide or self harm.”

Over 76% of our youth who suffer with depression, 1.7 Million children, never receive treatment or support.

More then 90% of people who commit suicide struggle with depression, addiction, or other mental health disorders. (Origins Behavioral Healthcare, December 4th 2017)

Death by Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death by people ages 10-34.

15% of American Youth has admitted to having a suicide plan as of 2016.

80% of those who ACTUALLY receive support or treatment for depression show im-provement within the first 4-6 weeks.